Disadvantages of Online Gambling

online gambling

Many of us have heard of the advantages of online gambling, but what about the disadvantages? Whether it is the lack of choice, legality, or licensing, there are many reasons to avoid online casinos and gambling. Listed below are some of the most common reasons to avoid gambling online. Also, read on for more information on the various types of online gambling. And don’t forget about the hackers. All these reasons will help you make an informed decision.


Whether or not legalized online gambling will lead to an increase in problem gambling is a difficult question to answer. The scientific community is only beginning to answer this question, but one study in Spain suggests that legalizing online gambling has increased the number of young pathological gamblers. While proximity was once an important factor in facilitating problem gambling, legalized states make it possible for users to bet on sports via apps. Legalization of online gambling would reduce this barrier, but the question remains how it will affect the industry.


The process of licensing online gambling operations isn’t free. The process requires a number of costs, including company incorporation, corporate structuring, accounting and reporting, and other business-related expenses. To help you determine the cost of licensing your online gambling venture, here are some tips. Considering these costs, you can choose the best licensing jurisdiction for your operation. Listed below are some of the most important steps to take.


Chinese state-sponsored hackers are attacking online gambling companies. Known as the “APT27” group, these attackers were motivated by greed and financial gain, but now they are targeting online gambling sites. They used ransomware, known as DRBControl, to gain access to the target servers. Chinese cybersecurity companies say the attacks are likely a response to China’s efforts to curb cross-border gambling. Although the ransomware attacks are a new weapon in the battle against online gambling, they still pose a threat to online gambling sites.

Problem gamblers

Although problem gambling behaviors have a common cause, they cannot be entirely attributed to online gambling. Despite this, most problem gamblers also engage in gambling on land-based venues. Thus, blaming online gambling for a particular gambling problem is misleading and overstates its effect. Researchers need to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the risk factors and associated behaviors for Internet-based gambling. Until then, the research field should remain focused on identifying the factors that increase a person’s risk for problem gambling.